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Corporate Finance

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) offers learning programs tailored to an organisation’s specific needs and objectives, from one-off webinars to holistic, multi-phased, blended learning journeys. Our team identifies the learning needs of finance teams and designs tailored learning programs to meet them through various delivery modes, encompassing both technical training such as tax, accounting standards and business partnering, as well as soft skills including leadership, communication and emotional intelligence. Our learning solutions align to CPAA's Finance Capability Framework and are all applicable for CPD hours. More than 10,000 learners benefit from our Corporate Learning Solutions every year. We provide this service to members and other professionals in organisations across all sectors, including local councils, government agencies, large corporates and boutique firms in Australia and around the world. With a network of more than 168,000 members working in more than 100 countries worldwide, CPA Australia is in a unique position to understand the evolving needs of finance teams.

Our Service Offerings

  • Preparations of Project Reports
  • Preparation of CMA data for bank loans
  • Private placement of shares, Inter-Corporate Deposit, Terms loans, working capital limits, etc
  • External Credit Borrowings (ECBs)

Some of Reports of the Projections are :

  • Cash flow Statement.
  • Cost of Project and Means of Finance.
  • Assessment of Working Capital requirements.
  • Projected Profitability statements.
  • Projected Balance-sheet.
  • Capacity utilization Statement.
  • Raw Material and Packing materials Consumption Statement. Power and Fuel Cost Statement.
  • Employees Costs Statement.
  • Administrative Cost Statement.
  • Selling and Distribution Cost Statement.
  • Financial Charges statement.
  • Repayment Schedule for Financial Facilities.
  • Ratio Analysis. Break-even Analysis.
  • Internals Rate Return. Pack back Period.

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